Strategic Plan

The Milwaukee Food Council’s strategic plan, adopted in the fall of 2020, will guide our work through 2022. Through research, education, community development, and policy, we use collective action to advance the goals and priorities outlined in our plan. Our priorities for the next two years include: Healthy, Equitable Food Access & Education; Food Recovery & Environment; Food Economy; and Resident-Centered Engagement. Working groups will operationalize these priorities through research, data collection, relationship building, and equitable practices.

More information on how to join work groups coming soon!

Healthy Equitable Food Access & Education

This priority area focuses on:
● Increasing the resources and infrastructure related to healthy, local food procurement and distribution in federal, state and local programs (before, during, after school + summer meals, EBT, Senior Farmers Market Vouchers, WIC, senior dining, food banks and pantries,etc.)
● Increasing opportunities for affordable, healthy food access through local agriculture

Do you know of individuals, groups, or organizations engaged in this work? Contact us

Food Recovery & Environment

This priority area focuses on:
● Reducing waste & increase recovery from food, food packaging and agriculture
● Supporting sustainable agricultural and business practices that protect land, water, and biodiversity

Do you know of individuals, groups, or organizations engaged in this work? Contact us

Local Food Economy

This priority area focuses on:
● Supporting economic development of businesses that sell healthy and local food in neighborhoods, particularly those that are owned and operated by Black, Indigenous, and other community members of Color
● Supporting a healthy, safe, and fairly compensated food system workforce Do you know of individuals, groups, or organizations engaged in this work? Contact us

Hyperlocal Collective Action & Resident Engagement

This priority area focuses on:
● Building capacity for collective action that supports healthy food systems at a hyperlocal (i.e. neighborhood) level
● Increasing resident leadership and voice in decisions that impact their local food system

To learn more about MFC’s partnership with Extension and the WI Department of Health Services on our collective action initiative to support resident-centered engagement, please contact Healthy Food Systems Coordinator Lee Valentyn at .

Policy & Advocacy

Engage with stakeholders around policy and advocacy efforts that advance healthy food access for communities in Milwaukee by building relationships with decision makers and researching and implementing recommendations to the City, County, State, and federal governments.

Please contact Danielle at for more information on how to join, or to join the Policy Committee’s email listserv.